Students, you may have the best and wisest teachers to be found in our world, but they cannot make your heart ready to receive the Lord. You must do this work for yourself. Your teachers cannot think for you or act for you. The question each student should ask himself is, Am I determined to develop a character which God can approve? You may give yourselves up to float with the current, or you may struggle bravely onward and still onward. Ask yourselves, How can I conduct myself so that I shall be approved by God? The approval of God is worth more than all else in our world. If you will set your mark high, if you will make the most of your opportunities and privileges, wherever you are, whatever your position, you will be given strength and courage to persevere. You will not be wanting in bright, keen ideas. We have the precious Word of God to give us encouragement, and if we are determined to keep ever before us the fear of God--the beginning of wisdom--we shall be learners in the school of Christ.    

     You may set for yourselves a low standard. You may cling to cheap, common ideas. But if you do this, you will leave the school cheap and common. You may make up your mind that while in school you have not a moment to lose, that this is a time large with important results; and that therefore you must improve every opportunity presented to you. Doing this, you will go from school purer and holier for your stay. 

1SAT 312